Our products

  • Depth electrodes

    The ALCIS intracerebral depth electrodes are multi-contacts electrodes dedicated to SEEG recording and to short stimulation in the context of pre-surgical diagnosis of epilepsy, and also to thermocoagulation, as therapeutic alternative of the conventional surgery.

  • Recording and Thermocoagulation

    The Alcis coagulation depth electrodes are intended to perform thermocoagulation “in-situ”, in association with a RF generator, as therapeutic alternative to conventional epilepsy surgery (especially for patients for who conventional surgery is excluded).
    Alcis proposes a Global Solution for Coagulation.

  • Accessories

    In addition to our electrodes, we have a range of accessories allowing the installation of our product.

  • Stereotaxy

    The ALCIS stereotactic guides have been designed to ensure a precise guiding of surgical stereotactic tools such as drill, biopsy needle, screwdriver, etc., they are compatible with the main stereotactic systems; i.e. frames as well as surgical robots

About us

Since 1999, ALCIS NEURO has supplied medical devices to neurosurgeons .

Our aim is to help curing patients by providing the best techniques, technology and services. Our constant research for excellence has enabled us to bring you exclusive electrodes techniques and exclusive box for thermo lesion giving you the best benefit to its customers and patients.

  • Our value

    This achievement illustrates the skills of Alcis as an integrator of technologies and its know-how in or to manufacturing high-tech medical devices.